Many small things

Many small things

Many small things with your security lock experts

Add high security in layers Like with so many other things, the small things matter, and in a security situation they are extremely important as those on the other side look for the gaps. Building personalised security solutions in which many small features are added to strengthen the overall security situation of a property is the speciality of your caring Locksmith Enfield.

With the greatest attention to details we sew together the perfect security solution for the property in question, though thorough security checks and though the application of that simple idea that many small things add to the greater good. A high quality security lock on your front door helps to provide physical protection and battle the risk of a break in, however without proper security for the adjacent window for example the high security front door lock may do little good. The same goes for many things, showing the importance of having a good security overview of your property. This is something that the experienced locksmith are happy to assist you with, and instead of high priced security on certain points we instead apply a practical and applicable security approach, by simply adding security features where they will do the most good.

Of course there is a need to cover some bases for all homes, such as good door and window locks, a suitable alarm system and strategically placed outdoor lights, however the locksmith knows just how individual the rest is. With the property’s location, shape and the nature of the residents all taken into account the best solutions is searched for, one which is kept within the budget of the customer and one which is understandable and easy to use as well as being effective in battling your risks. Get in touch now to find out how you can secure your home in a better way with a professional and caring locksmith.

Advice on key entry with your locksmith experts

discusses keyless entry technologyThere are many new fashions taking on across the globe, and with technology it is no wonder, that in an age of wonder many are now looking at key less solutions for their home and work places. Making use of electronics and technology to assist us in making our lives both smoother and more secure is something that enthusiastic locksmith here sees a great thing and back full heatedly.

However, we would like to bring up some points to ensure that you do not rush into a decision on going with a key less entry system due to fad and fashion and convenience rather than keeping your actual security situation in mind.

There are some good brands of electronic devices that can leave you free from the hassle of a key, however as some are electronic, they also rely on power to function properly, and on top of that the traditional key and lock technologies have also moved forward meaning that the standard approved and guaranteed lock is providing strong defences against potential attack. Of course what type of strengths and weaknesses going with a key less entry system depends much on the system, there are some which even allow for fingerprint and eye scanning.

It all sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, but today these technologies exists, however there are many good reasons to keep with the good old fashioned, reliable and highly secure key and lock. If you have any questions on how to deal with your own security situation at home or at work feel free to get in touch with the wonderful locksmith at any time appropriate to yourself.

A locksmith who always listens

a friendly fast serviceIn the high demand of industries today, inclusive of the one which we operate in, there are many stressing factors and high pressure scenarios, and what our dedicated team have come to notice, something which at times sadden us.

Is that the quality of service and products are not held to the highest possible standards by some providers. To bring traditional values of workmanship and a local community back into the picture, your locksmith are always working hard.

We know that one of the main points of providing our customers with great services and products is to simply care for them and listen to what they have to say.

Great customer relationships, long lasting and mutually giving is something your locksmith nurtures. Part and parcel of the package as filling our goals as a great service provider is to ensure that you, as the customer are offered great deals, high security and up to date products as well as be here for you 24 hours a day.

Something which we do gladly in order to ensure you have what you need to keep secure in your home. Feel free to call us at any time, with your emergency locksmith need, or if you have questions whom you wish to bring to an expert. Speaking with us will leave you more informed and if nothing else, one step closer to the perfect security solution for you, your family and your home or work place.

Let a great locksmith help you keep secure when on holiday

keep safe when you are away The summer has hit all across our lovely island, and with it comes the itchiness that makes us want to go out in the sun. It is a time for festivity and hopefully it is also the time for holiday. Those few condensed weeks of the year where we get to go away, take some time to relax and hopefully leave our worries at home. Your locksmith understands just how valuable these short rejuvenating periods of time can be, which is why we would hate to see it end badly for you.

Unfortunately with leaving your home empty for a longer period of time, the risks of falling victim to home intrusion becomes greater, and with many horror stories from people coming back from a relaxing holiday only to find their home raided. This locksmith would like to help you get these worries of your mind.

There are many great tips and tricks which you can employ to lessen the risk of a burglar targeting your home whilst away, for instance letting your neighbours know that you are going away, perhaps even ask someone to cut your lawn if you are planning a long journey to hide the fact that the house is empty. Other things which your locksmith would recommend is investing in some light timers and perhaps a fake TV light, which also simulate that the residence is occupied.

Small things such as these can really make a difference, however what our top tip would be, is to get an alarm system installed for your home. Being one of the strongest deterrents for burglars known, as well as alerting your surrounding areas should there be someone entering your home provides a great outline for good holiday security. And in conjunction with your neighbours knowing that you are away they will also be more alert to this.

So don’t spend your holiday in worries over your security, get in touch with an experienced and understanding locksmith to get your features installed, quickly, affordably and as soon as today.