Locks of the right calibre and standard with your locksmith team

service with the locks to keep you safeThere are many locks on the market today. And with such a wide variety of brands and manufacturers it’s absolutely understandable that anyone can get confused when first met with all these options. This is why we recommend that you get in touch with someone who knows the area well. And with someone who is up to date and informed on the current products out there.

If you call Locksmith Enfield service team here today you will be able to find the advice and the guidance you need to get your locks at home or at work up to date. The team here is dedicated to bringing you the best of what is out there at the best possible price. And with having been in the business for a countless number of years, you can trust in our experience to show you the way to the best present solution.

Your locksmith service team is known for the great quality and high competitiveness in price that we provide, and on top of that we are recommended by our customers for the long lasting customer relationships that we are aiming to build.

So when it comes to choosing your lock specialist, why not ensure that it’s someone who knows the field and someone who cares for your, why not ensure it by choosing this locksmith service team of dedicated, caring and understanding individuals for all your service needs.

Unlocking the doorIf you have UPVC or composite doors that you make sure that they are good quality doors for one and also that they have British standard anti pick anti snap locks which can be more costly but offer much better security for your home or business. We suggest that you have a five-lever mortice deadlock on your front and back door if they are made of wood these types of locks are often impossible to open without the use of a very loud and powerful steel drill so no one can get into your home without making a huge racket that would wake the neighbours.

They also suggest that you change the locks when you move into a new property and we can improve your home security by installing better quality more secure locks. From padlocks to bike locks as well as installing Window Opening Restrictions so that you can safely sleep with you window slightly ajar yet still locked. We provide an unbeatable security improvement service by installing high security locks round the clock in Enfield and the surrounding areas.

Other types of locks they deal with are euro cylinder, yale, d locks for bikes, high security padlocks and the installation of hasks to secure said padlocks. You can also request more expensive brands of lock such as Banham and if they do not have them in stock parts can be custom ordered per your request. So call on the best locksmiths to provide you with high quality locks and security plans for your home at a reasonable rate. You can count on these locksmiths to gain access to your property using non-destructive entry which means no damage is done to the door or lock. So unless you have a high security or 5 lever mortise deadlock they can gain access without having to change the locks.


What is meant by a mortise dead lock?

Common when speaking about door security is the mention of a mortise dead lock. Mortise means that the lock mechanism is placed inside of the door. For example. If there is no lock installed on your door. To install a mortise lock the locksmith would have to cut out a large enough piece from the door to put the mortise lock in place.

What is meant by a mortise deadlockDead lock means that the bolt which secures the door in place when locked. It doesn’t move without a key. The protruding bolt which has to be pushed and pulled back using the key sits dead in the strike plate.

Most mortise locks are dead locks, and pretty much all dead locks are of the mortise type.

It’s a high security addition to your door with the right lock choice. If you need help with picking the right one for your door. Call our experienced crew at any hour. Here you will also be able to find the installation help you require.

For a mortise lock dead lock to provide optimal security. Professional installation is required. The right tools for the job, such as saws and grinders to create perfect cutouts for the lock and strike plate to sit in are needed. The right parts such as hardened extra length screws are also a must. Jeopardising the security level of your mortise dead lock by faulty installation is not a risk worth taking.

Especially if you have an insurance policy that specifies a high standard security situation. Here often what is asked for is a five lever mortise deadlock. Five lever means the number of pins the key displaces before it turns. Ensuring that number is five puts up maximum resistance against any one trying to pick the lock.

Lock solutions for every situation and need with your lock specialists

Locks for your every need Just as there is no one size shoes that fit all, there is no one security solution which will work in an optimal way. If you have a peek at the security market today you will no doubt find a very large variety of products in each category, and if you are not well aware of what you are looking for it might happen that confusion sets in. There is nothing worse than spending hours, days, even weeks researching a subject which seems to go around in circles. This is why, if you find yourself unable to decide on what type of security you should be purchasing, should consult an expert in the field. With many years of locksmith training courses and many years of fieldwork and practical experience your trusted locksmith team is an excellent way to turn for the advice you need. A service provider who works at their utmost capacity to ensure that you have everything that your home or office building needs in ways of security.

With keen eyes for details your locksmith team repair, installs, assists, provides emergency access and much more in the swiftest and most professional manner and when you have a conversation with one of the lovely team members you will soon come to realise that at the heart of our dedicated practice lies genuine care for the community and the cause of raising security awareness in the area. This is because your locksmith team knows that together we can make our homes and workplaces safer and more secure places to be for our loved ones and for ourselves. There is no way to focus on your work, your passion or your life if you are under the stress of security worries. So ensure that you have the expert locksmith team on your side as soon as possible, feel free to give us a ring now.

Some information on new smart locks from your locksmith team

If it’s the first time you run into the term, a smart lock is a way to open and lock your doors at home with the help of your phone, also giving rise to some opportunity, such as remote door opening and not having to deal with keys.

Your locksmith service team are always with developments on the market and follow the ideas which seem good, and today we would like to share a video with you which will hopefully bring you as new to the term some insight to what it is and how it works.

The experienced team here sees many benefits to using such a system, and if you are looking into getting something of this kind, we highly recommend that you first of all dial the number for your locksmith service team and have a discussion about your options.

Of course the great team here can help you with supplying and installing what you need. But ensuring that you also are aware of the risks involved with using something which is so new to the market.

Your locksmith service team can help you make the right decisions for the security features set up in your home keeping applicability, practicality and budget in mind.

Call now or at any time to find the assistance you need with repairs, installations and advice on all things home or small business security. The dedicated team are always happy to lend their skills, strength and knowledge in the field with the purpose of both helping you as a customer to a hi-security situation and helping the area to an over-all better security profile.