Lock checks

Lock checks

Professional lock checks with your locksmith service

lock check and installationsOne can never be too careful in the current day and age, with the long row of risks of home intrusion or a break in at work always on the rise.

It is not with an intention to put fright in anyone’s heart that this caring locksmith brings this point up, but it’s forwarded as a simple warning to ensure that you stay heedful of potential threats. Especially since many of them are easily fended off by ensuring that a few basic security features to your home or your work or office scenario is kept in place. The first thing that any respectable locksmith would bring to you is of course the foundation of what makes any security situation one to build on.

Keeping a high standard of locks on your doors and windows is the starting point of any security solution, and you can easily see why. What is the use of a fancy and high tech home security system if the back door is left with a poor lock which takes only seconds for the experienced burglar to bypass. He’ll be long gone before any call for the authorities has even been made. By ensuring that your locks are up to date, you provide the physical protection, the first obstacle for any intruder, and it really needs to be a strong one.

Getting in touch with an expert locksmith member, having trained eyes inspect your locks, on all your doors and windows, will ensure that you are not left defenceless against attack. Call to book in for a lock check at any time, it can be done when it suits you, and should it be found that any of your locks are in need of an upgrade there are many high quality, high security locks in stock meaning that most likely installation can take place instantly. Saving you the trouble of having to set aside more of your precious time for it.

Installing Window Bars.Window Bars

Here at Locksmith we can install locks on window bars to help increase your home security! We are able to install a high security lock onto window bars to remove any chance of intrusion. Window bars are especially good at securing a weak point into your home, windows are an especially weak point into your home, its much easier to break a glass window than into a wooden door.

We can fit any window lock the same day to help secure your home! Locksmith Enfield are serious about your security, so call us today to discuss the best way to secure your home!

Anti-Snap Euro Cylinders

All around the UK homes are being targeted because of the type of door/lock they have on their home. Here at Locksmith we notice a certain pattern to the types of homes that are being broken into. UPVC doors are the most common break-in that we go to, this is because a standard upvc door has a basic standard euro cylinder which is very prone to a technique known and used by burglars called “snapping” whereby the intruder will snap the euro cylinder lock and manipulate the multi-point locking mechanism being able to get into your home within seconds! So call your local Locksmith and we can fit your Anti-Snap lock today! We keep our vans fully stocked so we are ready for any situation!

Get a dog to protect your home

Here at Locksmith, we love dogs. And we recommend you get one too! Now, we understand that getting a dog is a big thing, its like having a very energetic, loud child. But! They have their benefits, dogs have a very high sense of hearing, allowing them to hear more than 4 times that of a standard human! Not only do they protect your home whilst you’re in, they also protect it whilst you’re out! Dogs will bark to sign any possible intrusion and act as a great visual deterrent, so get your new best friend today to help protect your home!

Your locksmith helping you to a more secure home

secure homeFinding a good security situation in your day to day life is a vital part of being able to live a calm and relaxed life. If you are continuously worried about your own safety and the safety of your investments, your locksmith understands that it can be hard to catch a break.

This is why here you can find a service which aims to relive you of the stresses such worries can cause. By being well informed and by making sure that you have the right features added to your home security situation, you can also make sure that you, your family and your belongings are duly protected.

If you are unsure of where to start off, as many are when they give their first though to security at home you can always feel free to get in touch with this locksmith specialist team. We can help you secure your area, inspect your locks and entry points as well as give you information and advice relevant to your living situation.

Should you wish to have something added after the security inspection lock changes to ensure that you are up to date with what is currently keeping you properly protected can often be done on the spot. As your locksmith carries with them a range of locks, up to date, from known and trusted manufacturers to ensure that you don’t go another day without a proper lock on your door.

If you are also looking to add additional features of security to your home such as alarm systems etc. you can always book in with the locksmith home security expert individuals to have this done. Of course we care for you and can work with times around your schedule, and with fast installation to perfection you will be up and running, more securely then ever before. Feel free to call with any questions that you may have, and of course if there is anything else you need, this dedicated locksmith service stands ready to assist with anything they can.