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Reducing robberies this Christmas

cheap locksmith enfield doorWith Christmas coming its the best time for any opportune thief to get their hands on some new electronics. We would like to help reduce the risk of your home being the victim of an attack. Because its the Christmas period and the time of giving, lots of gifts you get from loved ones you would want to protect, however most people don’t know that by leaving the boxes of your new electronics this makes you liable for an attack. By properly disposing the boxes straight into the local tip, by doing this it won’t increase the chance to be the victim of a break-in.

Keeping your outdoor structures safe and secure with your Locksmith.

emergencyIf you are an avid diyer who likes to keep all their tools in an outside shed, then its important for you to keep your possessions safe, this means adding a little extra protection from any potential thieves. Here at Locksmith, we would like to provide you with something that would really suit your needs, which is why for an outdoor structure we recommend getting an alarmed padlock to protect your sheds and greenhouses that have valuable equipment, tools and other things that you want to protect.

We would also like to remind people that if you go through the trouble to get a great alarmed padlock for your building, its also a good idea to make sure its used on proper material and installed correctly. So if you should need a Locksmith to help with the installation, we are always happy to assist with any type of security, lock and key related situations that you may have.
Key ExtractionWe offer a wide range of key, lock and security related services. They can get you out of any key or lock related jam. By offering quick and efficient security solutions while working on a round the clock basis to bring quality security services to their customers. 

Locksmith Enfield are totally dedicated to improving our customers security and offer everything from lock replacements to fixing faulty upvc windows. We really do deal with most security issues at home and in the workplace. We can set up a master key system. We can gain access and change the lock on your mailbox. As well as offering eviction services. We can change damaged garage door locks, install push bars and create a fire exit.

We have years of experience as both Residential and Commercial Locksmiths so whether it is the installation of a complex locking system in your business or just a case of lost keys to a filing cabinet lock they can do it all. They can also be useful in unlocking cars, as well as broken key extractions. These locksmiths can be at your house within half an hour for lock Repairs, lock installations,home security. They are mobile locksmiths that are on call 24/7 , 365 days a year and yes that really does include all public holidays.

So whether you are having an issue with a lock on a wooden, upvc, metal or stone door, these locksmiths can install many types of locks to improve security on any type of property. They have spent years working on every different kind of property so, no job is too big or too small for Locksmiths of Enfield. Whether it is lock installation of just a simple lock swap they are the company for you. Give them a call and get a quite today.

A full range of locksmith services available a short phone call away

a great range of services With the widest experience the team here have helped everything from home owners to businesses with individual and custom security solutions, repaired their locks and upgraded their security.

For many this locksmith service team have also helped in emergency situations where urgent need was required. If you have any questions with regards to your keys, locks, security or anything else in the domain, you can get in touch with the team here at any time. Flexibility is our middle name, and ensuring that we provide you with the locksmith service that you need, at a great price providing you also with great value for money, and should you get in touch you will find out just where our great reputation comes from.

Call at any time for urgent emergency help. Or call to speak to us and book in for what you need.


Your flexible locksmith team at your service at all times

team with what you need for your home or business security set upIf convenience is what you are after, ensure that you choose this lovely team for all your needs, here you will find key cutting, locks, alarms, monitoring, security bars, gates and much more from a flexible team who are willing to come at your convenience to perform any work that you need.

You can dial our number at any time and bring us your questions or your concerns, and the friendly locksmith service team will do everything in their power to ensure that your security and your convenience is kept. The way we manage to ensure availability, is simply by having the right type of priority order here, and though the many years of experience we’ve had here, a flexible approach and an open schedule has arrived with the team. We are always prepared, and for those times when you are in need of an emergency locksmith lockout service, it doesn’t matter if the hour strikes past midnight, getting in touch with us will always be a guarantee.

The team’s flexibility also reaches further than that, not only into the times we are available to help you with your needs, but also the the customisation of home or business security solutions, where you will get only top quality gear, but installed and provided in smart ways, ensuring you a great competitive price if you are trying to get your security sorted on a tight budget. Your trusted locksmith service team are experts at custom security solutions and if you have questions, why not lift the phone to us now, we are always happy to take your call, and come to resolve your issue when it best suits you.