What is a biometric door lock?

What is a biometric door lock?

What is a biometric door lock?

You may have heard of it. You may have seen it. Your friend may have one installed. A biometric door lock is a lock which uses some feature of your person to identify and grant access to a locked door. This new way of entry is an exciting way to renew your living. Our team, being professional and trained locksmiths have an affiliation to keys. But also we are baffled by what opportunity technology and its brings with it.

The different types of biometric door locks which are most common. And available to you if you have an interest. Is fingerprint and handprint locks, code locks, electronic key locks or smart home solutions.

fingerprint and other biometric door lock ideasFingerprint and handprint biometric door locks come with a mounted scanner on which you place your finger or hand to gain access. The ridges of the patterns of your hand or finger is unique, and difficult to reproduce. Rendering it a highly secure way of entry with the right product choice.

Code locks are easy to use, but here there is still the need to remember a code. One that should be changed with monthly or even weekly intervals depending on the situation.

Other electronic locks include facial recognition software and smart home access. Smart systems, which you may have ran into incorporates many aspects of home living into one control hub. Meaning you can control everything from your home security and CCTV cameras, to your sound system, lights and thermostat. For more information and to speak to a specialist, feel free to ring our dedicated workers at any time.

We are available to assist with electronic locks and locking systems as well as any regular lock, key or security needs you may have. Stocked, ready and always working with your best interest in mind.

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